starry reflections.

even should she bleed till rivers run red with her blood, she will never falter...


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writing samples

all samples are SFW!

the following excerpts have been written within the last year. they have been taken from the following fics published on ao3:
Honey - Granblue Fantasy (Albert x Yurius)
Farewell with Flowers - Genshin Impact (Zhongli x Diluc)
Strength - Genshin Impact (General fic with Razor and Diluc)

the following excerpts have been written a longer time ago, within the past couple years. the date will be indicated:
Tale As Old As Time (2018) - IDOLiSH7 (sample centers around Tamaki Yotsuba, but fic is Ryuunosuke Tsunashi x Ousaka Sougo)


At the same time, however, the two have been frequently named Foudre and Astros of the Tales of Saint Lethan they read so much as kids.

In light of it, Albert retrieves the copy Yurius gave him all those years ago, and returns to his friend’s research lab just as in the old days, and plops the book in front of Yurius. “I think it’s time you had this back.”

Yurius snorts, “Oh, that old story again? My, Albert, I’d say you’re already becoming more like Foudre by the day.”

Albert laughs, shaking his head. “And that makes you Astros, wouldn’t it?”

Yurius rolls his eyes, opening the book and flipping through the worn pages. It’s clear that Albert wasn’t paying attention when he was reading, and glances at how the books were stained with debris of food or drink. “Albert, don’t eat or drink when you’re reading.”

“Don’t scold me for that now,” Albert grumbles, sighing as he takes control and opens up the spread of the one picture that the two of them looked at when Albert first saw Yurius reading the tales. It fills him with the same exhilarating feeling from before, but soon doubt invades his mind. Is their bond so strong like these two’s? Are they truly heroes of Levin?

“What you can’t do alone, you can do together,” Yurius murmurs, his gaze fixated on the illustration. He stares at it with a hint of sadness in his eyes. Albert steps closer, kneeling on the ground as he watches Yurius with glassy eyes. The knight captain positions himself under Yurius’s gaze, hands clutching onto the edge of the desk as his chin rests over the opened book. “What’s this, Albert?”

“I…” Albert begins weakly, cheeks aflame with his embarrassment. His thoughts and feelings jumble with each other in his head, especially since Yurius looks at him with tenderness as opposed to bitterness. Mostly, it’s evident that he’s exhausted. He’s also hesitant. Afraid. “Yurius. I know I’ve betrayed you in the past due to my own weakness, but, in my heart, you will always be my most cherished friend.”

Yurius chuckles, “What’s this about?” He meets Albert in the middle, crossing his arms on the table and reclines his head on top. He leans forward, touching his forehead with Albert’s.

Albert’s breath grows heavy, the sound of his heart beat hammering in his ears as their foreheads touch. It simultaneously calms and stresses him, but above all, Albert’s heart seems to emerge from its turmoil.

He always acted on impulse-- whether it meant recklessly involving himself when someone needed help or if it meant saying the first thoughtless and inconsiderate thing that appeared in his head. All of his flaws he knew Yurius embraced, and so Albert finds that he never changes these small quirks about himself. His eyes begin to focus on Yurius’s lips. They’re plump and tantalizing as Yurius always is, and the familiar scent of the honey candy allure him even more.

He presses his lips against Yurius’s, although clumsily. Their teeth clash and clink against each other, and he swears he hears Yurius’s laugh. It’s genuine.

Mortified, Albert pulls away. Yurius seems amused when Albert can bear looking at him again. It seems like he didn’t quite ruin things between them. Although, he wants to try again. “Yurius, I--”

“Come here, Albert.” Yurius says softly, placing his hands over Albert’s, and playfully starts to pry each finger off the desk. Albert complies obediently, standing up from the floor and similarly drags Yurius up from his seat.

Without warning, Yurius leans in again to Albert’s face, and initiates another, deeper kiss. It’s done proper, Albert thinks, his mind thrown in slight disarray. Yurius tasted like the nostalgic sweetness of the honey, but also the flowers they painstakingly reviewed the day they met. There’s also the deepest regret and guilt Yurius felt.

No, he still doesn’t understand Yurius. He doesn’t think he will ever be able to completely do so either.

However, this is the first time he could sense the extent of emotional turmoil Yurius has gone through. All his pain and burdens that he had kept hidden from Albert. Everything-- how he was the king’s illegitimate son, which was part of why the two always butted heads. The betrayal Yurius felt when he realized the king cared more about Albert than him and when Albert seemed in that moment to care more about the kingdom than his friend.

Yurius’s desire to atone for what he’s done, and at the same time, his gratitude toward Albert for saving him time and time again.

Albert reciprocates with just as much gusto, and doesn’t realize the tears that started to stream down his face.

When they finally pull apart to take a breath, Yurius grins again-- in that shitty way. Not exactly indicative, but Albert knows he’s being teased.

“What’s made you taste salty, my friend?” Yurius murmurs, untangling one of his hands from Albert’s to wipe the tears away.

“I think you need to rely on me more,” Albert whispers quietly, cutting himself off with a sob, “And that I missed you.”

Farewell with Flowers

"You know, you can make requests of me normally without… doing something in return?" Rich coming from him of all people, but he will admit. He's sick of the constant "deals" or "contracts". He appreciates the give and take nature of it, but somehow it starts to get more ridiculous.

"Hm? I'm just testing out how barter could only go so far, as you said on that night we met." Zhongli states matter of factly.

Dear Barbatos. Your stupid friend pisses Diluc off sometimes.

"So you remember even something like that…" Diluc shakes his head, rubbing his temples. Nonetheless, he grabs a bottle of Osmanthus wine and takes out a jar of dandelion-infused Liyuen liquor called baijiu. He also takes out a bottle of cardamom bitters. Sliding a chilled glass in front of himself, Diluc picks up the jar first.

"I'm surprised you procured alcohol from Liyue for me." Zhongli changes the subject, a small smile forming on his face as he watches Diluc handle the ingredients for his cocktail. "A custom cocktail from Master Diluc…"

"Nothing special. Just trying out a new menu." Diluc shrugs, "not like I'm trying to compete with the young lady from Cat's Tail, but… something new is good. After… dealing with some fraudulent sellers in Liyue, I've gotten ahold of some fine liquor in return "

"New… yet elements of the old for me." Zhongli muses, "I'd say this is very special. You're quite thoughtful."

Diluc starts to grow embarrassed, "it's nothing." He begins to mix the appropriate amounts of both the baijiu and then the osmanthus wine in a tall mixing glass. Stirring it all together with the cardamom bitters as well, he then pours it into the chilled glass. He then garnishes with a few osmanthus blossoms.

He slides over the drink gently to Zhongli, "Farewell With Flowers. Enjoy."

Zhongli takes the glass, and takes a thoughtful sip. He lets the taste linger, and then drinks some more.

Diluc merely stares, not saying anything or gauging his response.

"... and there are none here who share that memory." Zhongli murmurs, rapt with nostalgia.

Diluc, usually, would stay silent when it comes to the other regulars in the bar. He stayed silent when Venti and the traveler heard Stanley's story. And he thought he would stay silent again. Yet…

"You will make more memories and associate that taste with them," Diluc offers, "... for instance, I will share this memory with you."

Zhongli smiles, chuckling as he takes another sip of the cocktail.

Diluc has made a grave miscalculation. Baijiu turns out to have a lot of alcohol content in it. Zhongli however seems to have as much of a tolerance as Venti. Which would be fine, but… Zhongli decided to keep drinking after that. Venti joined in halfway, especially when Zhongli offered to pay for him.

In the end, Diluc is the one footing the bill for them both. Zhongli owes him. A lot.

Well, that would have to wait though. Right now, Zhongli is very drunk.

He manages to wrassle him into the guest room Zhongli occupied at Diluc's manor, but…

"Hey. Let go." Diluc mutters as he tries to shake Zhongli off of him and onto his bed (as gently as possible). "You're just like a kid."

"No…" Zhongli sighs, only leaning into Diluc's body. "You're so warm."

Thanks. It's the pyro vision, Diluc almost says out-loud. Sarcasm doesn't work on Zhongli that well.

They stay like that with Zhongli clinging onto him, and then he opens his mouth to speak. "Diluc?"

"What is it?"

"I'm not actually drunk."


Yet… Diluc looks over at Zhongli's face. No flush. His face is like stone. How much can this guy drink? Rex Lapis made to drink a stupid amount of alcohol, that's what. Then he claims he was faking it?

Diluc reaches for his claymore.

Zhongli stares at him blankly, but lets go of his body. "Is that better?"

"I can't believe you had me fooled there." Diluc huffs, but lets his claymore disappear. "You're quite the actor."

Zhongli visibly brightens, "You think so? I have been refining such skills "

"Huh. Really." Diluc shakes his head, getting up from the bed. "Well then, good night."

When Diluc turns to leave, Zhongli grabs him by his wrist. "... would you mind staying here?"

Diluc raises an eyebrow, "what for?"

"I wasn't just acting when I said you were warm." Zhongli confesses with a sheepish grin, "you may ask anything from me if you do."

"Another contract?" Diluc sighs, shaking his head. "Sometimes, it's fine to just take. I think you can afford to be more selfish."

Zhongli laughs, "others would say otherwise. You might even say I'm much too selfish if you knew about the past." He hums, guiding Diluc to sit down with him on the bed.

Diluc pauses, hesitant as he intertwines his hand with Zhongli's. He's not going to voice his desires, but steals a little of what he wants. It's been only a few weeks since Venti brought Zhongli to him, but he's come…

Is it love? Diluc never envisioned himself falling in love as of now. With a world that betrays him so much, he didn't even consider the possibility. Yet, life goes on. Diluc still hasn't finished his journey. He could tell that neither has Zhongi. The archaic God, the geo archon has truly died. Would a God crave warmth?

Maybe. He's come to understand that archons get sad. Perhaps it's after years of being around humans that they develop these emotions. Or maybe some have a better understanding than others, like Venti. Zhongli was stone-faced, and his demeanor suggested that most of his emotions never showed. Yet, he expressed all sorts as he squeezes Diluc's hand and looks up at him with a poignant fondness.

And to someone he just met a month ago.

Yet, Diluc's cheeks burn with embarrassment, and his heart races with anticipation.

Zhongli looked like a dream. An endearing fool, yet with knowledge dating back from the beginning. He's dependable, sturdy, and everything Diluc sought (if he was to get a partner, anyway).

Somehow, it doesn't feel like his happiness would be fleeting if he stayed with someone who stayed like a rock. Zhongli was the type who'd try to stay by his lover's side to the end.

"You've been staring. Is there something wrong?"

Diluc flushes, tearing his gaze away and mentally admonishing himself. "No," he says, "just thinking."

"Hmm." Zhongli smiles, cupping Diluc's face and nudging the other to look at him. "You look beautiful."

He's blunt, yet it makes Diluc's heart pound faster. He stays silent, but touches his forehead to Zhongli's.

"I realized why being with you makes me nostalgic."

"And so?" Diluc closes his eyes, embarrassment flooding in as he prepares himself.

"Forgive me, I'm still always stuck in the past. There was someone I had loved before… spending time with you reminds me of the feelings I had with her." Zhongli explains slowly, "isn't that strange? You two are so different. Yet you give me the same feeling."

Diluc assumes that this previous lover of his has been long dead. "Have you come to peace with her passing? Have you truly moved on?"

"That drink you made for me…" Zhongli admits, "she was someone who loved glaze lilies. Yet, I would drink osmanthus wine with her… so I felt like I could say farewell properly."


“Aether,” Diluc speaks up, adjusting his gloves as he watches Razor disappear into the forest, “I have some matters to attend to as well, so I won’t be accompanying you back to the city. Stick to the outrider.”

Aether blinks, and Paimon gasps as she tries to float over to Diluc. “Wait, wait! You’re leaving too?”

“I’ll be back by dawn,” Diluc sighs, offering a wave before fleeing the scene. Out of a terrible habit, Diluc adjusts his gloves as he breaks into a sprint. The wolf Boreas stated that Razor was not a wolf, but Razor insisted he was not a city human. Then where did he belong? Boreas indicated that the traveler was Razor’s lupical, but it seems like Razor still has difficulty in coming to terms with it.

Master Diluc does not like to be bothered. He’ll lend a hand if it benefits him... if it benefits the goodwill of Mondstadt… he spoke to Lisa recently. She said she had a hand in taking care of a boy who lived amongst wolves sometimes, and that it was Grand Master Varka who gave him his name and taught him how to swing his blade. The Grand Master continues to be the most puzzling man in existence. Did he plan for Razor to join the knights? No… it was kindness, wasn’t it?

Razor reminds him of him in his youth. He wanted strength. To grow stronger to protect his father, and in extension, Mondstadt. He wanted to protect his family, and that meant his brother, Kaeya. Diluc reaches the inner part of Wolvendom’s forest, the soft yet ethereal glow of the lamp grasses catching his attention. Razor stands there, his hood covering his eyes and his claymore left on the ground. Diluc hesitates for a moment, watching Razor as he slumps against the tree and stares at his hands. He mutters something that Diluc doesn’t quite hear.

Diluc steps forward, boots crushing the leaves beneath and making sure his presence is made obvious. “Razor,” he addresses the wolf boy with a gentle tone.

Razor glances up at the voice, his hood slipping and revealing his eyes. They were teary and red, but no evidence of Razor having actually cried. “Diluc. Why… follow me?” He doesn’t move as Diluc expected.

Daring to test his limits some more, Diluc inches closer to the younger boy, offering him a hand. “I have to ensure your safety.” He says gruffly. As usual, he’s vague about his intentions. It might be out of character for him if he admitted the truth.

Razor’s eyes sparkle for a bit, but he shakes his head swiftly. “Talking is hard… living in Mondstadt is hard. I do not belong to the city. I do not belong here. I cannot go to the city.”

“You don’t have to go to the city,” Diluc returns quietly, crouching down to be closer to Razor’s height. “The city is too loud. I understand. How about somewhere closer to home?”

“My home is my lupical… they live in the woods,” Razor murmurs, sliding his hands about his arms. “I cannot stay with them right now. Does Diluc live near lupical?”

Diluc offers Razor a smile, “I live in Dawn Winery. It’s fairly close to Wolvendom. It’ll be better than in the city. It’s quieter there. We can go hunt, too.”

“Diluc and Razor hunt for meat?” Razor asks, his eyes glinting and glittering at the insinuation. He finally takes Diluc’s hand. “Diluc and Razor run around?”

Diluc coughs, pausing for a second as he lifts Razor from the forest ground. Razor’s eyes turn up, and he resembles a dog pleading for food. “Yeah. We will.”

“Huh! Before we asked Razor what he thought about Master Diluc and he said you are black and red. Hot and cold. Now he says you are warm and strong.” Paimon hums as she crosses her arms, she flutters back down to take a long sip from Aether’s apple cider vinegar.

Aether frowns slightly, “Paimon, should we broil you in a stew?”

Diluc sighs as he polishes an empty glass, “I can make a separate drink for Paimon, Aether. Same drink?”

“You got it, Master Diluc!” Paimon exclaims gleefully, to which Aether facepalms.

Razor looks on, drinking his wolfhook juice blissfully, and not saying a word. He watches, and eventually, his eyes travel to Diluc’s. Diluc flashes him a small smile. Razor smiles back.

Aether watches this exchange quietly, and chuckles, “Oh, you guys got a little closer?”

Razor nods, “Diluc strong. Diluc… little scary, but kind. Diluc hunts with me and helps me with sword and talking.”

“I was letting him stay at the winery for a while,” Diluc shrugs, mixing and pouring out the apple cider vinegar for Paimon in a tinier glass. He slides it toward her, and she accepts with a bright smile. “We did some more training and such. He has good foundations thanks to Grand Master Varka. Either way… you two are on the way to Liyue, right? I’ll come with you.”

“Really?” Aether blinks, “I mean… you don’t have to. Aren’t you busy?”

“I need to work out some contracts there, that’s all. We should bring Razor with us too,” Diluc nods toward the younger boy, “he said that his home is with his lupical.”

Aether blinks, cheeks slightly flushed at the honor of being named by such a title. He stirs slightly and looks over at Razor. “Really? Are we lupical?”

Razor nods, “when I am with you. I am happy. I am not a wolf. I am not human. I am Razor… and you are my friend… my lupical.”

“Ah…” Aether trails off before pulling Razor into a hug, “we always will be, Razor!”

Diluc smiles softly at the scene, noticing that Razor already emptied the glass of juice. He takes the glass back and refills it.

tale as old as time.

Running through the town proved to be some of a struggle, Tamaki weaving through the streets as evasively as he could to prevent worried outsiders from stopping him in his tracks. They weren’t particularly close to their neighbors, only on hospitable terms with them enough to stay in the town. This of course is a result of Sougo’s attempts to keep them hidden from any pursuers (Tamaki suspects that his father wouldn’t even bother coming after him and Aya, but it seems like Sougo has different circumstances of his own), and Tamaki doesn’t mind the lack of attention. It came in handy, especially in times like this.

The sight of the looming trees emanating a dark aura notifies Tamaki of his arrival at the forest. Despite standing tall earlier, he feels as if he’s shrunk in presence of the towering overgrowth of the trees. Rarely anyone frequented the forest, not even for firewood, instead of relying on lumber from trees on the other side of town. It came to be due to the countless rumors of magic at work in the forest, barring others from desiring to visit the forest. Some brave souls from the town are said to have come in the forest on their own terms for business but have never returned-- thus spurring countless gossip around this phenomenon.

It’s actually pretty recent, too-- now he remembers Sougo telling him and Aya of what he’s heard from others regarding the forest. In fact, it’s one of the first things they were told when they first arrived in the village. The bakery he frequented, in fact, was especially adamant of them never approaching the place. Aya suspected something amiss with the couple’s insistence, but Tamaki quickly perished the thought at the time.

Well, he’s going to find out, isn’t he? Tamaki takes a deep breath, and hesitantly steps into the woods. He squeezes onto the pouch he brought with him for the herb collection, but oddly enough finds some comfort in feeling the sturdy cloth against his hand.

Leaves crunch beneath his shoes, adding to the overall creepy atmosphere Tamaki gleans from the forest, all with clutching the empty pouch. Somehow he’s supposed to know the path, but maybe something will lend itself to his advantage.

Even though he thinks he’s wandering aimlessly, his eyes settle on a distant glow. He raises an eyebrow, and unconsciously his feet begin to guide him in that direction. The light entices him, and Tamaki wonders if he’s like a bug attracted to a flame or something-- isn’t this bad? In fairy tales, it’s like this sort of temptation that ensnares the protagonist in a trap.

It’s different for him, though. For one thing, Tamaki has a duty. Aya’s life is in danger.

Renewed in his motivation, Tamaki internally pumps a fist internally as he firmly continues to follow the direction of the glow. That light has the way to save his sister.

He’ll be damned if he doesn’t come back alive. He’ll prove the townspeople wrong.

He breaks into a sprint, shrugging off the uncomfortable sensation gnawing at his stomach-- the rational side of him that tells him to fear. It’s not like he ever thought about what he did carefully, anyways.

Logic cast away and instead transformed into bravado, Tamaki runs through the forest ground, ignoring all threats of wild animals or twiggy branches scattered about to trip him.

Soon enough, the sound of leaves crushing is replaced with the pounding of his feet against the ground. He looks ahead to finally meet with the source of a glow-- a humongous manor still in prime condition courtesy of the various gardens adorning both sides of the building. Tamaki sucks in a breath, almost rendered speechless in awe as he beholds the mansion in all its splendor.

He can’t just ask nicely for permission to harvest the herb, so Tamaki quickly prays that no one is there to watch him as he takes to the wall. Hopefully, he doesn’t stand out too badly-- well, with all its glowing, the mansion is awfully quiet. All the noises he can hear are reminiscent of forest animals, nothing more, nothing less.

Finally, he reaches the garden filled with a bunch of leaves. He squints at them all, noting them in all their variety-- some shaped like leaves, and others taking on more unique shapes. Now, which one is the right one..? Tamaki steps closer to the plants, inhaling deeply as soon as he crept upon them. His eyes wander over the entire patch, eventually stopping and fixating on a group of them that resemble the shape Yamato mentioned earlier. He gasps as soon as he realizes this and stretches out his arm to grab them.